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Among the many current periodicals in the world, very few can claim such an authority, that even the oldest issues keep all their usefulness one century after their publication. That is however the case for Analecta Bollandiana, a journal of critical hagiography, edited and published since 1882 by the Société des Bollandistes in Brussels. Since the very beginning, the journal was conceived as a continuous updating of the prestigious Acta Sanctorum series, as well as an entirely new instrument devoted to hagiographical research. Every issue contains both critical editions of hagiographical texts (Greek, Latin, Oriental…), and fundamental studies about hagiography. The articles are published in modern international languages (English, French, German or Italian), although an English summary has been appended in the latest issues to all the contributions which are not written in English. About one fifth of each issue is devoted to book reviews and bibliography on hagiography.

Such contents make the Analecta Bollandiana indispensable in any department of medieval, Byzantine, Slavonic or Christian oriental studies, as well as of Church history, comparative religions, ethnology and folklore.

With both the inheritance of the great tradition given by the Acta Sanctorum and the actual support of a highly qualified international scientific committee, Analecta Bollandiana has been for a century and will remain the ideal forum for everyone interested in Christian hagiography.


Robert GODDING (Director), Bernard JOASSART, Xavier LEQUEUX, François DE VRIENDT (Secretary),

Diego ARFUCH, P.S.S., (Associate). 

Scientific Committee

Theofried BAUMEISTER (Mainz), Sebastian BROCK (Oxford), Tommaso CALIÒ (Roma), Paolo CHIESA (Milano), François DOLBEAU (Paris), Sergey KIM (Lausanne), Damien LABADIE (Lyon), Cécile LANÉRY (Paris), Michael LAPIDGE (Cambridge), José Carlos MARTIN IGLESIAS (Salamanca), Jacques NORET (Brussels), Pádraig Ó RIAIN (Cork), Herman SELDESLACHTS (Louvain-la-Neuve), Ugo ZANETTI (Chevetogne).


Previously unpublished contributions submitted for possible publication, as well as books for review or offprints on hagiographical topics, should be sent to

Analecta Bollandiana Editorial
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Analecta Bollandiana is published twice a year (in June and December)
in issues of 240 pages each (480 pp. a year).

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Analecta Bollandiana, 140/I (2022)


Guido Venturini.  La versio Syra minor della Vita di Gioovanni il Misericordioso

Caroline Macé.  The Epistola ad Timotheum de Morte Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, Attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite.  A Medieval Translation from Georgian into Latin

Padraig Ó Riain.  The Feast of the Dedication of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and Other Feasts First Recorded in the Early Ninth-Century Tallaght Martyrologies

Santiago Ruiz Torres.  El culto a los santos en el monasterio de San Juan de la Peña.  Claves de su codificación romana y transmisión en la Baja Edad Media

Grigory Kessel.  Syriac Miscellany of Apocryphal and Hagiographic Texts from Crusader Jerusalem (Sinai Syr. 82/1)

Angela dell’Oca.  Una rara immagine di Ignazio ipso adhuc vivente (1543)

Bernard Joassart.  Glanures d’histoire bollandienne — 2: Autour de Victor de Buck

Bulletin des publications hagiographiques

Publications reçues

Analecta Bollandiana 1882-2017: Contents

The table of contents of all published volumes since vol. 1 (1882) is accessible on Brepolsonline.

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A very limited number of complete collections is still available.


Analecta Bollandiana. Inventaire hagiographique des tomes 1 à 100 (1882-1982).
1983, 444 p.  —  EUR 70.00

This practical inventory, published in 1983, indicates whether a specific saint was the object of an article published in Analecta Bollandiana or of a book reviewed in the periodical. Its aim and contents differ completely from those of the Indices since it includes only the articles and books dedicated to a specific saint; the secondary references to saints in articles, reviews and bibliography are not listed.

Analecta Bollandiana. Inventaire thématique des tomes 1 à 125 (1882-2007).
2008, 60 p.  —  EUR 15.00

Analecta Bollandiana: Indices.  The Indices published every twenty years enable the periodical to be consulted systematically and thus constitute an indispensable complement to it. Each volume includes four indexes:

  • index of each annual volume
  • index of articles (in alphabetical order by author)
  • index of books reviewed
  • index of saints: every mention, divided into sections depending on whether they are found in an article, a catalogue of manuscripts, a review, or a bibliographic reference.

Vol. 1-4 (covering Analecta Bollandiana vol. 1-80): EUR 100.00
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