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The Bollandist Society is a Jesuit research institute dedicated to the critical study of Greek, Latin, Oriental and vernacular hagiographic literature as well as to the history of the saints and their cults. Founded in the early 17th century this is one of the oldest scientific societies in the world.

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Saint Homebon de Crémone
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Entre libéralisme et ultramontanisme
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Research Centre

Saints are inspirational, though some may belong more to the realm of folklore or even invention. For twenty centuries they have been influencing our world, our culture and our thinking in ways few people realise.

Our Library

This is a unique institution renowned for its comprehensive and specialised library, with many ancient and rare works and manuscripts among its 500,000 volumes.

22,000 ancient books revealed!

Thanks to a generous gift from the Baillet Latour Foundation we are able to catalogue over 22,000 books published prior 1800.

Analecta Bollandiana, 136 II (2018): Contents

Cécile LANÉRY, Un légendier de Cologne conservé dans une collection privée: analyse et commentaire. The manuscript described and analyzed in this study (copy code number: Paris, IRHT, CP 438) belongs to private collectors.  It is a twelfth-century legendary, coming...

Newsletter from the Bollandists 2018/2

Message from our Director For the Bollandists, All Saints is of course the feast. What better time of year to send our warm greetings to our many friends and benefactors all around the world. Sometimes a visitor asks me if we know the precise number of...

Bulletin de La Société des Bollandistes 2018/2

Le mot du directeur La Toussaint est aussi la fête des Bollandistes ! Il n’y a pas de meilleur moment dans l’année pour envoyer nos chaleureuses salutations et nos remerciements à nos nombreux amis et bienfaiteurs de par le monde ! Il arrive qu’un visiteur m’interroge...

Newsletter mai 2018 – FR

Le mot du directeur Depuis 1882, les bollandistes communiquent avec le public savant par le biais de leur revue Analecta Bollandiana.  Même si celle-ci demeure bien notre navire amiral, elle ne rend pas compte de tous les projets et initiatives développés...

Newsletter May 2018 – EN

Message from our Director Since 1882, the Bollandists have communicated with the academic world via the Analecta Bollandiana. Though the review is still our flagship publication, it does not report on all our projects and developments. The Newsletter we...

Analecta Bollandiana, 136-I (2018): Contents

Xavier LEQUEUX -- André BINGGELI.  Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca manuscripta (BHGms). Présentation de l'inventaire hagiographique des manuscrits grecs, désormais disponible sur le site: Thomas J. HEFFERNAN.  Ius...

Analecta Bollandiana, 135-II (2017): Contents

Xavier LEQUEUX.  La Passion prémétaphrastique de saint Athénodore de Syrie (BHG 2048). Critical edition accompanied by a French translation of the Passion of Athenodorus martyred in Syria in the reign of Diocletian based on the only two known manuscripts: codex 88 of...

Analecta Bollandiana, 135-I (2017): Contents

Sebastian BROCK.  The Martyrdom of Crescus (Crescens) of Myra. Le Martyre de Crescens de Myre est conservé, de manière pas tout à fait complète, dans deux anciens manuscrits syriaques, qui font ici l’objet d’une édition et d’une traduction.  Leur contenu est très...

Analecta Bollandiana, 134-II (2016): Contents

Frederick M. BIGGS.  Bede's Martyrologium and the Martyrologium Hieronymianum. This essay questions two assumptions that have guided the study of martyrologies: the Martyrologium Hieronymianum did not, the author argues, contain any historical entries, which are...

Analecta Bollandiana, 134-I (2016): Contents

Christelle JULLIEN.  Découverte d'un martyr perse dans un légendier latin médiéval. A mediaeval Latin manuscript has preserved the Passion of a fifth-century Persian martyr, Vamnes, who is totally unknown in the hagiographic and liturgical sources of the various...