The electronic catalogue of the Bollandist Library is fully integrated in the catalogue of the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain): access to OPAC. A more restricted search tool is also available: access to Museum Bollandianum.
It presently contains over 50,000 records including:

  • all periodicals (among which 1000 current periodicals);
  • all the books published from 2003 onwards (except the offprints and the Roman positiones of beatification and canonization);
  • all the books available in the main reading room (“Scriptorium”);
  • selected sections of the library (pre-1800 books, bibliography, catalogues of manuscripts, liturgy, patristics, Middle Ages, Church History, monastic history, spirituality…).


Other catalogues (on cards)

  • General alphabetical catalogue (by names of authors and titles of anonymous or collective books).  It includes all publications previous to 2003.  It should be noted that the library possesses a large number of offprints of articles without always possessing the very journals or volumes where those articles were published.
  • General analytical catalogue (topics : names of saints, places of cult, hagiographic motives, etc.).  It contains references to both books and articles.
  • Catalogue of liturgical books.  The Library owns an important collection of liturgical books (breviaries, missals, propers of saints), many of which come from the ancient Museum Bollandianum in Antwerp.
  • Catalogue of positiones of beatification and canonization.  The Library owns an almost exhaustive collection of the Roman positiones, regularly updated.
  • Catalogue of microfilms and photographs of manuscripts.  The Library owns an important number of microfilms and other reproductions of Greek and Latin hagiographic manuscripts kept in various libraries around the world.