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The journal  Analecta Bollandiana  was launched in 1882, initially as a complement to the Acta Sanctorum. But it soon acquired a life of its own with articles written by bollandists and other scholars, text editions, book reviews, etc. After 135 years it remains the main reference in the field of critical hagiography.

The series  Subsidia hagiographica  started a few years later, as a vehicle for larger reference works. It includes catalogues of the hagiographic manuscripts of important European libraries, indexes of medieval hagiographic texts (the famous Bibliotheca hagiographica Graeca, Latina and Orientalis), but also methodological treatises and hagiographical monographs.

Tabularium hagiographicum  was born in 2002. This series of books is dedicated to host the archives, mostly the correspondence, of the hagiographers – bollandists and their correspondents.