Sanctorum societas. Récits latins de sainteté (2 vols.).




Sanctorum societas.  Récits latins de sainteté (IIIe-XIIe s.), 2 vol. (= Subsidia hagiographica, 85).



All Christian saints wish to meet Christ but go by many different paths, which is why there is such a great diversity in the accounts devoted to them.  From the literary point of view hagiographers have also chosen varying means and various styles ranging from the very simple to the most sophisticated, in simple or rhymed prose, metrical poetry and rhythmical verse.  The thirty studies collected here illustrate the various solutions adopted in accounts written in Latin and their aim is to reveal the richness of a literature intended to please as well as to edify.  The works edited, thirty in number, were for the most part unknown before they appeared in print in articles. They come from communities in Belgium, England, France, Italy, Serbia and Tunisia.  One hitherto unpublished contribution is devoted to hagiography in Normandy in the eleventh century.

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